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Staircase Renovation in Leicester
Full Staircase Renovation Service Across Leicester

Staircases are a key component to all types of domestic and commercial properties. At AB Carpentry and Joinery, we provide a full service when undertaking staircase renovations across Leicester. We use our specialist domestic joinery services and commercial joinery services to fit all types of staircases. We can also manage new door fitting to match customers’ updated aesthetics. Our full service includes ripping out the existing base rail, spindles and handrail and replacing them with all new softwood and hardwood installations. We can also fit high quality glass balustrades. 


Types of Staircases

We offer a variety of staircase styles to match the layout and design of all types of properties. Our experts are happy to advise clients on all aspects of the staircase renovations we undertake. The types of staircases we provide include:


L-shaped staircases have a quarter turn and rise to connect two different levels. These staircases create a visually interesting feature because they turn around corners. They can save space in buildings by being easily tucked into a wall. L-shaped staircases can be used to create privacy in properties because they can provide a distinct barrier between floors.


Straight staircases are a cost effective choice for homeowners because they are relatively simple installations. They are also easy for customers to descend and ascend. These installations typically do not require an intermediate supporting structure because they only require a connection at the top and the bottom.

Straight staircases offer a minimalistic beauty to all types of properties throughout Leicester. We recommend these staircase renovations for those looking to achieve a classic feature in their building.


U-shaped staircases are a popular addition to domestic properties with multiple floors and commercial premises. These types of staircases provide an interesting architectural feature and offer a landing space where customers can rest. They typically have a narrow design, which makes them ideal for those that require a space saving solution. 

Glass Balustrades

The glass balustrades the team at AB Carpentry and Joinery fits are extremely resilient and visually stunning. Our installations provide a sleek aesthetic and allow customers to achieve uninterrupted views of their home or garden from their staircase. When combined with our high quality staircases, glass balustrades can offer a floating aesthetic and enhance the flow of natural light in properties. These installations are a low maintenance choice because they are easier to clean and maintain than their wooden counterparts.

We are happy to answer any questions prospective clients have about all of the quality staircase renovations we provide across Leicester.

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